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Etchedindigital is an archive for Merci's writing - fanfiction, original, and other. Originally hosted at LJ, it now lives at DW.

FanfictionOriginal Works



Gotei 13

Internal Scars (Mayuri, Nemu) PG-13, Dark, semi-graphic surgery
Nemu is his guinea pig, and he has something new to try on her. She trusts her father completely, only because that's the way things have always been. Though I sympathize with Nemu, this is not really a Nemu-sympathetic story.

Intimate Routines (Ikkaku/Yumichika) yaoi, G
Everyone has their morning routines. Ikkaku and Yumichika prepare together.

Manly Kisses (Kenpachi/Yumichika, Kenpachi/ikkaku, Ikkaku/Yumichika) yaoi, PG, male/male, possibly ooc
Kenpachi is bored and goes for a wander through the 11th division where he finds Ikkaku and Yumichika making out. There is a competitive nature to the way that they kiss, and he can’t help but muscle his way into both their mouths… to find out who is the strongest kisser! It’s just crack. Pure crack. Just… crack.

Whispered Poetry (Shunsui/Jyuushioru) yaoi, G
Ukitake spends some time in the garden, enjoying his favourite gift from Shunsui.


Jealousy (Hichigo/ichigo) yaoi, NC17, violence, blood, a little blood play.
Ichigo is a horny teenager and jerks off while fantasizing about many people. Hichigo feels ignored and proves to his King there is only one person for him.

Master of Swords series (Hichigo/Grimmjaw, Grimmjaw/Hichigo, Grimmjaw/Hichigo/ichigo) yaoi, NC17, Violence, Blood, A little blood play.
These are two gift fics written with the intent of just getting these guys together. Pure, unadulterated smut and violence.
Jack of Swords -- Hichigo had been watching the blue-haired Espada. Watching him fight and fuck Ichigo – his king – until he decided that turnaround was fair play and took matters into his own hands.
King of Swords -- Hichigo and Grimmjaw’s violently passionate encounters have led to the two deciding to bring Ichigo in on the fun.

Shifting (Grimmjaw/Ichigo) yaoi-ish, PG
Ichigo lies awake in Las Noches, the scratches on his back still deep and bleeding, and he feels his relationship with Grimmjaw shifting beyond that of enemies with benefits into unfamiliar territory.

Understand (Byakuya/Ulquiorra) yaoi, NC17, yaoi, explicit sex
Byakuya keeps a cool exterior to those around him, knowing the danger in letting someone in and how that could compromise his position. Ulquiorra never let anyone in, knowing the responsibility and authority he bore was an honour. However, there was something about the shinigami captain that caught his attention, making him lower his guard for a moment, letting Byakuya make his move.

Modified Souls

Enjoy the Silence collection
  1. Break the Silence (Nova, Urahara) G
    Awareness sparks in the spherical pill and a little soul called Nova begins his new life. Somewhere beyond, Urahara tinkers with two other pills, modifying the old souls to serve in a new fight.

  2. Come Crashing In (Nova+Cloud friendship, Chad) PG13
    Nova awakens in his new gigai and Cloud is waiting for him. They sneak from Urahara’s shop for an adventure, but encounter something that could destroy them both.

  3. Come Into My Little World (Nova/Chad hints) G
    Orihime and Chad are enjoying a tea party during their capture by the mod-souls. Nova’s experience in the museum stirs some self-doubt in the quiet mod-soul.

  4. Water Attack! Rust the Lock G
    Nova struggles to detect the Bounto’s auras while guarding Ishida in the hospital. Follows the water Bounto episode.

  5. Scratch Memory! Break the Lock (Chad/Nova) yaoi, R
    A Hollow with mysterious powers cuts a murderous path through Karakura town. Nova is plagued with dreams hinting at his past, a past that is torn open when he’s forced to confront the Hollow, as well as his feelings for Chad.
    Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03

  6. All I Ever Wanted (Chad/Nova) yaoi, NC17
    Nova and Chad finally act upon their feelings for each other.

Kindred Souls (Chad/Nova) yaoi, PG
Ever since Nova was sent to stay at Chad's house, the two quiet creatures seemed to fall into a quiet understanding of the other. A short, fluffy fic following the development of their relationship.


Better. Stronger. Faster... Harder (Renji/Chad) yaoi, NC17
Renji is helping Chad drain in the dome beneath the Urahara shop to become a stronger fighter. They take a break in a hidden hot spring and Renji introduces his training partner to how he used to do things in the eleventh division.

Heart -- (Ulquiorra/Orihime) G
Orihime is the teacher, and Ulquiorra, the student.

Making Allies [Bleach/Mononoke crossover] (Urahara/Medicine Seller) yaoi, G
Bleach/Mononoke crossover -- The medicine seller has travelled far, finding a welcoming shopkeeper with some inside knowledge into setting restless spirits to rest.

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage


Addicted (Badou/Bishop) yaoi, PG-13
Badou is out of cigarettes and his addiction begins to get violent. He finds sanctuary with Bishop in his church.

Blind Touches (Badou/Bishop) yaoi, NC17
Kissing in the dark was both awkward and guaranteed to failure on the first attempt for the inexperienced. Bishop, however, lived his life in blackness, while Badou was halfway there.

Dirty Little Secret (Badou/Bishop) yaoi, NC17
Badou stumbles across someone engaged in a most improper use for a confessional.

Roleplay Sinners (Badou/Bishop) yaoi, PG-13
Bishop catches Badou doing something he shouldn’t. Unfortunately, the smoker needs a bit more training.

Protected (Badou/Bishop) yaoi, PG-13
Badou’s knack for injury leaves him hurting with bruised ribs and an uncompassionate partner. He thinks he’s alone to lick his wounds…


Bedside Manner [post Territorial Pissings] (Giovanni/Badou) yaoi, NC17, male/male sexual relationships, explicit sex, bath sex, frottage, handjobs, smoking
Badou's broken ankle has him stuck in the hospital without friends or cigarettes. When Giovanni pays him a visit to give him some special care, Badou gives in to temptation.

Start with a Kiss (Giovanni/Badou) yaoi, PG
It’s New Year’s Eve and Badou is looking for some time to himself. Luckily for him, Giovanni knows how to kill time until midnight.

Territorial Pissings (Giovanni/Badou) yaoi, NC17, smoking~wip~
Chapter 01 -- PG13, Badou found himself spending another bland evening at his favourite watering hole. This time, however, he has company that is intent on figuring him out, or at least, asserting their dominance.
Chapter 02 -- NC17, Giovanni’s curiosity pushes him forward to visit Badou again, seeking him out at his apartment. He can sense something in the redhead that keeps pulling him in. He can’t put his finger on what it is, but he wants more.


Badou's Image Exerpiment, or, The Mysterious Goatee (Haine/Badou) yaoi, PG13
While shaving, Badou decides to try something new.

Breathless Darkness (Haine/Badou) yaoi, NC17, Yaoi, Explicit sexual situations, oral sex
Haine goes to extreme measures to get Badou to butt out.

Hanging by a Moment (Haine/Badou) yaoi, PG
The moment before the kiss...

How's This for Incentive? (Haine/Badou) yaoi, PG, male/male sexual relationships, bondage, cursing, cigarettes, handjobs
Haine is tired of rescuing Badou from trouble and teaches him a lesson.

Like Clockwork (Haine/Badou) PG13
Haine gets roped into saving Nil from trying on another dress.

Made to Order (Haine/Badou) yaoi, PG
Haine and Badou get called out on a job together. Things proceed as they usually do.

No End In You (Haine/Badou) yaoi, PG
Badou is tired of Haine’s irritatingly sombre mood and resolves to end it, even if it takes all night.

Seeing Red (Haine/Badou) yaoi, PG, A bit of humour, angst, and comfort all stuffed into one.
Badou is tired of Haine’s irritatingly sombre mood and resolves to end it, even if it takes all night.


Hot Blackmail (Domino/Badou) yaoi, NC17, bondage, toys, dubcon, S&M, butt plugs, thigh fucking, voyeurism
What if Badou hadn’t managed to escape from Domino’s men after taking the incriminating picture of the don in bondage gear? What if Domino gave him one option to survive? What if it involved more bondage?

In the End (Mihai/Ian) yaoi, R for violence
What if, in the end, Mihai was able to consider his feelings towards Ian?

Priorities (Badou/?) yaoi, PG13, implied male/male relationships, light bonadge, smoking
Badou is trapped in darkness, bound uncomfortably. His first priority should have been escape...


Beats (Pickles/Nathan) slash/yaoi, R
Pickles is a good drummer. He can play any instrument, including Nathan.

By Any Means (Skwisgaar/Knubbler, Skwisgaar/Knubbler/Toki, Toki/Skwisgaar, Nathan/Pickles, implied Charles/Murderface/Knubbler) slash/yaoi, NC17, Slash, an everyone-is-gay scenario, multiple partners, aggression, drinking, rimming, fingering, oral
Charles calls in reinforcements to get a new album made. Knubbler’s methods may be unconventional, but as long as they get the job done, he doesn’t care.

Beyond Words (Toki/Skwisgaar) slash/yaoi, G
Toki has trouble expressing himself in English, but Skwisgaar knows what he means when it counts.

Brutal Memory (Skwisgaar + Toki) slash/yaoi, PG13, angst, near-death experience
The scars from his near-death experience run deep, and Skwisgaar seeks relief from the memory he doesn’t realize is plaguing him.

DethMelons (Dethklok/???, Charles/Knubbler vibes) slash/yaoi, NC17, Sexual activity with hollowed-out fruit and vegetables. Mention of penises. Crack
Charles’ curiosity gets him into trouble when he follows a trail of watermelon seeds to the scene of a horrific pornographic crime in progress.

Final Words (Toki/Skwisgaar) slash/yaoi, PG13
Final moments are for last words, and Toki doesn’t see how they can live past this.

Small Victories (Dick Knubbler, William Murderface) slash/yaoi, PG13, Slashy vibes, references to drugs
Knubbler comes running every time Murderface calls, hoping one of their meetings will be somehow productive.

Strange Bedfellows (Dick Knubbler/Charles Ofdensen) slash/yaoi, PG13/NC17, Slash, references to a previous story with a ridiculous porn plot, explicit sexual relations between two men, frottage, mentions of drug use.
This story is an unofficial sequel, making references, to DethMelons. Reading this story is not required, but recommended for those with soft spots for crack.
Chapter 1: The Morning After PG13 -- Charles wakes up with a hangover, a gap in his memory, and Knubbler curled up beside him. He tries to go about his day as normal, but he can’t shake the errant question of what happened between them the previous night, and if it bears repeating.
Strange Bedfellows NC17 -- Charles returns to his room after a long day taking care of the boys. Little does he know someone has been waiting for him to return.


Enemy of my Enemy (Magoichi/Kotaro) yaoi, NC17, Violence, Angst
Kotaro is bored on his mission to scout out Nobunaga’s position. He decides to spend his time spying on the other warriors gathering in Imasho and possibly strike up alliances with them, *once* he discovers where their loyalties lie. The ambitions of one warrior prove to be a challenge and Kotaro finds himself becoming more and more infatuated with him as he tries to uncover the truth. What could this man from Saiga have planned for the young Fuma ninja.
Chapter 9b - Revelations missing scene) (Gogandantess/Magoichi) yaoi, NC17, extreme sexual situations, underlining angst -- This scene deviated from the Kotaro pov that the other chapters follow. It is a short 'meanwhile' that focuses on what exactly Magoichi had to do to convince Gogandantess to let Kotaro go. Very explicit and lacking in love, although not non-con)

Predicting his next move (Magoichi/Kotaro) yaoi, NC17, pwp
Kotaro has teamed up with Magoichi to fight together against Nobunaga’s army. He doesn’t know the gunman all that well, but finds a sort of trust deep in his eyes. Magoichi’s certainty of every outcome intrigues the ninja, especially when the gunman pays him a nighttime visit.

Cindermusha (Samanosuke/Jubei) yaoi, PG13, Fluff, Humour, randomness, ooc behaviour
The cast of Onimusha 2 set to the tune of Cinderella. Poor Jubei is forced to slave away for his wicked stepfather and sister. But that all changes when the Onimusha fairy gives him shiny armour so that he can go to the ball.

Resident Evil

F*cks like a S.T.A.R. (Albert Wesker/Chris Redfield) yaoi, NC17, male/male, pwp, rimming, S&M, bondage, minor non-con, dubcon, drugs
Chris wakes to find himself bound and completely at the mercy of Wesker. The other man is thirsts for his humiliation, but how far will he go to make Chris submit? How long before Chris gives in and begs for it?

Sex and Survival (David King/Kevin Ryman) yaoi, NC17, male/male, explicit sexual situations, violence, zombies, first times
The zombie infestation broke out hard and fast, leaving few survivors in Raccoon City. Kevin and David were of the few, relying on their skills, and each other, to get through the horrifying mobs of undead. In the fray of battle, survival was their only goal, but in the moments between battle, David found another goal in Kevin, far more tangible, and rewarding to pursue.

Rurouni Kenshin

Home is Where the Heart Is (Hiko/Kenshin) yaoi, NC17, pwp
Kenshin finds himself drawn back to his childhood home, even though he's not entirely sure why. Hiko reminds him why he's there.

I Hate the Dirt I Stand On (Saito/Sanosuke) yaoi, PG13, silly, humour
Inspired by Saito's seeming hatered for everything around him, living or otherwise) this fic was born. Completely random and abusing my position as a writer to make them hook up, against their will). I cameo in this, if only to direct them, since we all know that behind the scenes Sano and Saito are secretly lovers! All the yaoi fangirls/boys say so so it *must* be true! ^_^

The Guilt In Your Eyes (Sano/Katsu) yaoi, PG13, songfic, angst
Katsu is overjoyed to meet up with Sanosuke again after so many years, and remembers the tender moments they had while growing up in the Sekihotai. He'd like to resume the relationship that had begun to form between them so long ago, but so much time has past...



Cold Heart (Lei/bryan) yaoi, NC17, dubcon, male/male sex
While a simple thing like beer can lure Bryan to Lei’s apartment, a simple thing like bondage won’t make him submit so easily. (Sequel to Hot Tip)

Hot Tip (Bryan/Lei) yaoi, NC17, violence
Lei Wulong is suspended and depressed. When a hot tip comes along about illegal experiments taking place in Hong Kong, he’s quick to investigate in the hopes of reclaiming his badge and honour. What he finds in the guts of the underground labs is deception and more failure, sending him into a spiral that only an enemy could snap him out of.

Hwoarang/Jin, Jin/Hwoarang

Drabbles Rounds 1 & 2 (Hwoarang/Jin, Jin/Hwoarang, Devil Jin) yaoi, R-NC17
Motorcycle sex, thighs, humerous marshmallow toasting, OOC lulz, etc. Random drabbles written while chatting.

His Body, A Traitor (Hwoarang) yaoi, NC17, masturbation, shower
Hwoarang is frustrated and takes matters into his own hands.

Is it Hot in Here, or is it Just You? (Hwoarang/Jin) yaoi, PG, Yaoi hints? That's about it. Oh, and a fart joke. And cracky humour. I regret nothing.
Hwoarang isn't having much luck with his pickup lines.

Onsen Etiquette (Jin/Hwoarang) yaoi, NC17, Yaoi, spanking, some violence. Shower sex
Jin takes Hwoarang to experience the hot springs of Yakushima, but things get a bit out of hand in the showers.

The Perfect Gift (Hwoarang/Jin) yaoi, PG13, fluffy fluff fluff fluff
It’s Christmas, but Hwoarang has second thoughts about the gift he got for Jin. Will he be able to distract the other man long enough to buy a replacement, or will he have to suffer the humiliation of failure?

Resistance Training (Hwoarang/Jin) yaoi, NC17
Jin’s new training routine leaves Hwoarang wanting and aching. Fortunately, the redhead knows just what to do to break Jin’s resolve.

Unlikely Angel (Hwoarang/Jin, Jin/Hwoarang, Jun, Angel, Devil, Devil Jin) yaoi, NC17, violence, sex, angst
Hwoarang had his own problems to deal with mainly escaping from the military that had recaptured him after he'd gone awol), but when Jun Kazama approached him with an offer he couldn't refuse, he found himself in possession of powers he'd never asked for, and a promise to help his rival, Jin Kazama overcome the Devil that had recently overpowered him. However, to counteract pure evil, he needed the power of pure good; the strength of an Angel.

Walking in the Air (Hwoarang/Jin) yaoi, PG13
Jin and Hwoarang meet by chance on a busy street in Osaka. Hwoarang invites himself along to spend time with his rival and the two end up in Jin’s cabin in the forest outside of the large city. Stranded in a snowstorm, the two fighters find ways to spend the time, and enjoy Christmas together.

Kazuya/Lee, Lee/Kazuya

All I Want for Christmas (Is You) (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, NC17, Yaoi, incest, oral Explicit sexual situations, Costumes and magic, and a healthy dose of humour
Lee’s letters to Santa always ask for one thing: Kazuya. When Santa comes to talk to him about his wishes, he’ll do anything to get what he wants. Little does he know that Kazuya already knew about his secret wishes and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Christmas Cookies (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, R, Yaoi, male/male relationships, incest, Lee acting very, very eccentric, minor-aggression, excessive use of bad Christmas innuendo
Lee is trying to give Kazuya a Christmas he won’t forget, unfortunately, the one thing he promised isn’t ready and he needs to buy some time.

Good Things Come (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, NC17, incest, betting, dildos, orgasm delay, cock cages, humiliation, dom/sub, anal
Lee makes a high-stakes bet with Kazuya.
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

How to Dildo for Fun and Profit (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, R, incest, toys, humour
Kazuya wakes up with a sore bum, a dildo, and some questions.

King of Iron Porn (Kazuya/Lee, Feng, Feng-solo) yaoi, NC17, hardcore male/male sex, incest, voyeurism, toys, bondage, humiliation
Lee's Valentine's plans are ruined when Feng tries to blackmail Kazuya for the dragon scrolls. Kazuya may be able to handle himself, but Lee is not one to be fucked with, and quickly moves in to even out the situation... with porn.

Light in the Dark (Kazuya, Lee) gen (no relationships) PG13, friendship
Lee’s nightmares haunt him even as he begins his life in the Mishima compound. Kazuya understands his brother’s grief more than he realizes…

Milk & Condoms (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, PG13, implied male/male sex, implied incest
Condoms don’t magically appear in Lee’s apartment. He has to go out and buy them. While he’s out, he might as well pick up some other bare essentials, too.

Need (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, PG13, implied male/male sex, implied incest, angst, smoking
Lee contemplates his relationship with Kazuya, how fucked it is, and why he wants more.

On the Ropes (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, NC17, hardcore bondage, forced orgasms, vibrators, oral, incest
Kazuya uses his skill as a nawashi (rope master) to bind Lee and show him pleasure turn to pain turn to a mix of the two.

The Only One (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, NC17, Yaoi, incest, oral
Lee knows potential investors can be swayed with hired sex appeal, but when making deals with Kazuya, he’s the only one who can handle the level of seduction needed.

Reclaiming Familiar Territory (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, NC17, male/male sex, incest, shower sex, violence, aggression
Lee entered the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament using a pseudonym; Violet. He didn’t expect anybody to recognize him as he took the Zaibatsu for himself and defeated Heihachi on his own. He didn’t expect Kazuya to be there, or for the older man to recognize him. He definitely didn’t expect Kazuya to ambush him after a match…

Resolute (Kazuya/Lee implied) yaoi, PG13, incest
Even when Kazuya cuts through his finely-tailored armour, Lee remains strong.

Tainted Love (Lee/Kazuya) yaoi, NC17, male/male sex, incest, kink: bondage, flogging, spanking, marking, some minor bloodplay, c&b torture
Lee arranges for Kazuya to be put into a submissive position where he can exact some revenge for all the wrongs he’s suffered in his life. It’s his turn to top.

Traditioncraft (Kazuya/Lee) yaoi, PG13, Yaoi hints & a reference to a provocatively-shaped present
Kazuya is tired of Lee dragging him along to create a “proper” Christmas experience, but he still tags along anyways…

Valentine Fics (from a fic prompt table) (Kazuya/Lee, Lee/Kazuya) yaoi, R, Yaoi, incest, silliness, some romance (as much as is possible with these two)
This is a collection of drabbles and short fiction centred around the theme of "romance".
Part 1 | Part 2


Body Slam (King/Marduk) yaoi, NC17, light bondage, intercrural sex
King lures Marduk to his change room at the tournament for a surprise they’ll both enjoy.

Crack in the Mirror (Lars/Jin) yaoi, R, angst, comfort, anal, incest, depression, anxiety, self-hatred
The scars on Jin's back are a painful reminder of his darker half. They weigh on his mind and become like a thorn that triggers phantom pains, nightmares, and self-loathing.
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Lustful Game (Hwoarang/Jin, Bryan/Steve, Devil Jin/Hwoarang, Jin/Hwoarang) yaoi, NC17
The next King of Iron Fist Tournament has been announced, and the fighters are arriving to find that their visit will be paid for in full by a mysterious benefactor. The catch? Everyone is paired up with another fighter to be their roommate. In the end, it’s all a twisted game of manipulation to the one watching it all; the man who is skillfully moving the pieces on the board to satisfy his own voyeuristic desires. The one, final piece of the puzzle staying just beyond his reach in his lustful game. Who is rich and perverse) enough to be able to orchestrate something so bizzarre? Will they be stopped, or will they get what's coming to them?

Never Better than the Real Thing (Kazuya/Lee, Lars/Jin) yaoi, NC17, crack (attempts), possible ooc behaviour, dildos
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Old Man Fight = Old Man Sex (Jinpachi/Heihachi) yaoi, NC17, incest, violence, humiliation
Heihachi has fought to the end of the fifth tournament and there is only one man left between him and victory. Unfortunately for him, that one man is Jinpachi, who seems to bear a grudge for the whole chaining-him-beneath-the-temple thing. Looks like he won’t go down easy… but Heihachi just might!

Pool Party (Kazuya/Lee, Jin/Hwoarang, Kazuya/Lee/Hwoarang/Jin) yaoi, NC17, Violence, incest, wanton smut, AU, cheesy dialogue in parts, minor OOC Lee
Lee and Hwoarang hook up to win the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Afterwards, they enslave the two men who made their rise to power difficult; Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama. However, shortly after they begin basking in their victory, Lee’s desires for his brother get out of hand and Hwoarang is left to deal with his own conquest.

Showing the Meaning of Fear (Jin, Devil Jin) gen (no pairing), PG13, mindfuck
Back when Jin was oblivious to Heihachi's agenda, and the power that churned inside him. Devil made himself known, and introduced Jin to fear.

The Sound of Her Wings (Kazuya/Jun) het, PG13
He was violent and frightening and she could feel the powerful evil surging within him. Jun balled her fists, her jaw set with the resolve to get through and save him… somehow.

Sticky Keys (Kazuya/Jin) yaoi, R, Yaoi, incest, blind date
Jin has chosen a cheesy online handle and plunged into the world of cybersex. It satisfies his need for release and anonymous encounters, but when his favourite cyber partner asks to meet face-to-face, things get deadly.

The Way I Danced With You (Steve/Hwoarang, Hwoarang/Jin hints) yaoi, PG13, angst
Moving on to another dance partner is not as easy as Hwoarang thought it would be.

Violet Reflections (Lee/Violet) yaoi, NC17, Masturbation and homosexual hints
Lee spent months preparing his Violet persona, neglecting his personal needs. Before the 4th King of Iron Fist Tournament, he finds he can't wait any longer!

Why I Preggers? (Hwoarang/Jin, Lee/Kazuya, Heihachi/Jinpachi) yaoi, R, incest, male pregnancy (mpreg), crackfic, abuse of the 4th wall, ooc behavior. Not for the faint of heart, but also chock full of lulz
What if the devil gene bestowed magical uteruses on its carriers, allowing them to become pregnant? What if this somehow went horribly wrong?

XMen: Evolution

Pietro's #1 Crush (Lance/Pietro) slash, NC17, angst, use of gay-bashing language, stereotypical jocks, happy endings
Pietro has just come to terms with the fact that he’s gay, and has a crush on a fellow member of the Brotherhood; Lance. He writes down his thoughts in a diary, which should keep the secret safe, if it weren’t for other nosey members of the brotherhood who get it in their heads to help out. Couple this with a misunderstanding on the Xmen’s side, and Pietro doesn’t know if Lance would rather kiss him or kill him.
Lance, on the other hand, is having trouble coming to terms with his own desires, and dreams of the past that continue to haunt him. Can he overcome his fears, or will he hold back from happiness forever?

Self Loathing (Lance/Todd) slash, R, minor violence, self harm, angst, songfic
Lance drags Todd to a dance at the school to cheer up the youngest member of the brotherhood. Unfortunately, Kitty pulls him away and Todd is left alone to be picked on by Duncan and his friends. Todd leaves shortly after that without telling Lance, more depressed than he'd been before he got there.
Chapter 1 songfic | Chapter 2 regular story prose

Miscellaneous Fandoms


Keeping you Warm (Warrick/Nick) slash, G
A surprise snow day means a surprise day off and one or two ways to keep warm.

Devil May Cry

Bonus Points (Vergil/Dante) yaoi, NC17
Dante needs to complete some EXTRA mission points before the demon barriers will lift.


Dusty Sunlight (Gintoki/Katsura) yaoi, G, some slow-mo fighting
There comes a moment in the middle of a fight where the world stops and perfection is attained. Somehow, Gintoki’s life isn’t so serious.


Choke (Hannibal/Will Graham) slash, NC17, breath play
Will has difficulty sleeping, and Hannibal helps in his own way.

Iron Man 2

Escape (Whiplash) gen (no relationships), PG, violence
Whiplash-centric. Following Ivan’s escape from prison.

Sleepless Relief (Whiplash/Whiplash) yaoi, NC17, bizarre relationships with the self, masturbation, oral sex
Ivan works hard to build his new and improved electric whips. Perhaps too hard. A ghost from his past comes to help clear his mind and offer a pleasant distraction.

The Matrix

1+2=2 (Twin1/Agent Smith/Twin2) slash, NC17, pwp
Set between the first and second movie. Smith is on his own now. He is a rogue program who has no idea what his purpose is or even how he was defeatedby the human, Neo. After searching, he comes across two other rogue programs who might be able to show him how to find the answers he's looking for.


Rock in his Storm (Skinner/Jekyll) slash, G, angst
Sort insight into Skinner's thoughts as he comforts Jekyll.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Commodore's Log (Norrington/Gillette, Groves/Gillette, Norrington/Gillette/Groves) slash, R, ooc, random, crack, humour, insanity, reference of power rangers
Humour and ridiculousness in the form of log entries that tell a story. Follows the events of the movie, only to fall dangerously into the realm of the insane. Norrington is after Gillette who is oblivious. Groves is also after the young Lieutennant, and kidnaps him once he realizes that Gillette isn't all there upstairs. Norrington comes in to save the day. Somewhere, amidst a sea-battle, Norrington must assume his secret identity to save the day, but what happens when he encounters two other heroes who remind him of Gillette and Groves? Reality spirals out of control from there.

All that Glitters (Pintel/+Ragetti) gen/slash depending on how you look at it), PG13, AU, Fantasy-ish
Before joining Jack Sparrow's crew, Pintel served on the Disgraceful Knave. When the ship's Captain decides to bury treasure on an island reputed to be populated with bird demons, Pintel becomes lost in the jungle and rescued by a strange creature that looks more bird man than bird demon.

Samurai Shamploo

Hold (Jin/Yukimaru) yaoi, NC17, explicit sex, male/male relationships, angst
Jin stood against Yukimaru, chest heaving and sweat glistening in the moonlight. He should have stopped it there, but he was weak to his lover’s pleading voice, and it had been so long since he’d given in…

Samurai Warriors

Blood (Tadakatsu + Keiji) yaoi, PG13, death
Keiji dies in Tadakatsu's arms.


Behind the Wheel (humanized!Impala/Dead, humanized!Impala/Sam/Dean) yaoi, NC17
A new town, a new mystery. However, this mystery involves a missing Impala and beautiful stranger that seems to know everything about the Winchester brothers; maybe more than a stranger should. He is dark, confident, beautiful, dominating, and he knows which buttons to push to get both Sam and Dean right where he wants them.


Morning (Lena/Yulia) yuri, PG-13
The girls wake in the morning, dreamy and together.


Sex and Sparkles (James/Edward) yaoi/slash, NC17, spoof/parody, mockery, hardcore sex, frottage, vampires, blood, blood drinking
Edward was a normal vampire, until he met Bella and found himself compelled to behave like a douche whenever she was around. He was treading a dangerous path, until James came and guided him back to the monstrous path that vampires are meant to tread. This, of course, involved sex and sparkles.

Venture Bros.

Standard PWP Scenario #43 (Monarch/Dr. Venture) yaoi, NC17, humour
Dr. Venture is sick of the Monarch bothering him. However, a trip to the Monarch’s lair gets him stuck in an elevator with his nemesis, and then the gods of porn enforce their power.



A Plague of Demons

-- PG13, frightening scenes
London is gripped by a terrible plague called the Black Death. All the doctors have fled the city and the people that remain are falling like flies before this unstoppable disease. The deaths of the victims are so swift and painful that it leads some to believe that the bizarre illness may have a darker, more sinister origin. The air of death draws unspeakable beasts out of the shadows; dark demons that attack humans and feed off their suffering before dragging their souls with them back into darkness. This breach of the vale between the underworld and the land of the living forces the church to relax its stance on the use of magic in order to put up a proper fight. However, the men available are not qualified physicians, and even more distressing are their reasons for agreeing to the role of Plague doctor in the first place. What sort of man would agree to risk infection from the poisoned airs of the Black Death, as well as his life? What madness, or desperation, could drive a man to wear the stifling costume and heavy burden that goes with the thankless task of combating a plague wrought from the airs of hell?

Chapter 1 - Such men should not bear crosses

Between Us and the Sky

To Ashton, Gabriel is perfect. Without him, where would he be. He can't comprehend why such an angel would care for him so much. If only he knew...

Between Us and the Sky -- m/m, PG, fluff 
Ashton has always admired Gabriel for his fearless demeanour, especially considering the many worries he experienced on a daily basis. Then an innocent trip to a funfair forced Ashton to consider some of his many anxieties, and Gabriel to reveal one of his possibly only) fears.
Butterflies & Ice Cream -- m/m, G
Ashton’s theatrical debut is wrought with stage fright and anxiety. Gabriel offers some encouragement.

Secret Tomorrow

Daisuke and Alexis are unlikely friends from school; Dai being a dark, quiet boy, whereas Alexis is a sunny, bright, social butterfly. These short gaps into their life are AUs to a larger, darker story that I'm working on.

Things to do on an empty bus -- m/m, NC17
The two are on their way home after a night out and Daisuke decides to call Alexis' bluff when the boy teases him on the bus ride home. Then things get out of control...
Study Date -- m/m, NC17
Daisuke and Alexis are on opposite ends of the social scale, so it’s a bit awkward when they are paired up for a homework assignment in their computers class. Daisuke, the antisocial computer geek, has no time for Alexis’ unfamiliarity with computers. Alexis is desperate for help with the assignment, so Daisuke agrees to help him out, in exchange for some help in a few other areas …

Stars Like Snow

Riian's purpose in life was to cause death in his service to the Evergraves family empire. Their enemies were his targets, and he killed without regret, until one mistake cost him his life. Now, as a newly born clone, Riian is still their assassin, but must regain their trust after his predecessor’s failure. When a rival assassin targets the family holdings, Riian rushes out to meet him. The thought of proving himself fuels his ambition, even as fragmented memories of his past tempt him with the truth of how he died. His enemy holds the missing pieces to the puzzle, and Riian is faced with a terrible decision; making the same mistake twice or betray what he knows is right.
8 chapters -- m/m, NC17, violence, blood, frot,  happy endings


This is a project that will *fingers crossed* become a comic. I've met with an artist on DA who is really awesome and I think would work really nicely for this gritty, dark story idea that I've developed.
Summary: In an alternate world where the great war did not take place, people are eager to take up arms against their neighbours. States fight to leave the countries that hold them in a crushingly tight grip and it seems that there is conflict brimming along the borderlands of most countries in some form or another. Welcome to England, a bleak shell, eight years into the un-official conflict with Scotland and 15 years since the start of the Anglo-Franco war - the most barbaric fighting seen in the past century - which has been quiet blessedly muted for the past three years. The King looks to science to offer up alternatives to bullets and what is created is far worse for his land than nuclear warfare might have wrought. The simplistic, mindless zombies are easy to pick off, so-long as there aren't any higher-class types around to control them and bring any sort of order to their shambling chaos. Heaven forbid the Unknown Types find the Boulstridge Prison where the survivors huddle. Unfortunately, Zombies aren't the only thing waiting to kill and devour.

Character Experiments - These are not officially IN the final story, but rather experiments in characterization so I can get to know these guys.
Expectations of the Father (Griffin & Silas v.1) -- PG13, frightening scenes, violence, blood, experiments
Clockwork Ambitions (Morgan Scarret v.1)

One-Shot Original Stories

A Gladiator's Ambition -- m/m, NC17, wip, angst, violence
The gladiator Achillus has nearly reached his goal of freedom at the hand of the emperor himself. After a particularily favourable battle, he is rewarded by his master for his success. He didn't now that his master's son, Aiden, would be included as part of the reward.

Beginning -- PG, zombies
It was a normal summer day in the suburbs, when the zombies came out... where to go?

Bird King -- G
Bird King is charged with keeping the peace in the forest. Sometimes, it’s easier to speak to his subjects directly, rather than soar above them.

Competitive Twiddling -- G
Rules and tips for professional thumb twiddlers! (Sort of a companion piece to Hierarchy of Toes.)

Dance of Seduction -- m/m, PG13
The bird shows its colours to attract a mate, pulling the raven from the crowd to set its talons upon its prey.

Hierarchy of Toes -- G
The toes all play vital roles in their positions on the foot. What started off as a random thought bubble on how bizzarre feet look has turned into an exploration of the toe's positions. (Sort of a companion piece to Competitive Twiddling)

Light -- m/m, PG, waff, Christmas
Adra and Oz spend a winter evening together visiting the festival of lights.

Lovin' It (A McDonald's Porn Parody) -- m/m, NC17, Parody, light bondage, verbal abuse (sort of), and ooc behavior of original characters.
When fetishizing McDonald’s goes wrong.

More Than Want -- m/m, NC17
Decianus has returned from several long years out on campaign. He is happy to be home, but his commander calls him out for one last mission. He would resist, but an invitation to an orgy is always hard to resist.

Rough Static -- m/m, NC17, sex, blood, minor violence, vampirism & blood drinking, odd use of electricity
I’m hungry and he’s old and horny. Perfect combination, I guess. He invites me home with him, so it’ll be easier to get what I need. Blood or sex? Can’t I have both?

The Truth Will Set You Free -- R, minor violence and some grotesque imagery
In a reality where humanity is suppressed into servitude by the Kicathu, there is only one bright star that shines. A starlet that is held above all others in entertainment and keeping her fans’ morale high. One man clings to her image more than the rest. Locked into years of servitude for a thankless corporation, his obsession with this starlet is his lifeline to survival. Her image haunts his every waking hour and fantasies. He watches and loves her from afar, until he steps closer for a touch…

Vampire Heart -- m/f, NC17
Leona is the daughter of a wealthy merchant; sought after by suitors and surrounded by people who claim to know what’s best for her. Jung Ahn is a foreigner seeking trading partners in the West, and followed by a mistake that could cost both he and Leona their lives.
Part 01 | Part 02

When Hudson met River -- m/m, NC17, pwp
Hudson was popular in school, but still couldn't help being attracted to River, the rebel of the school. Still, he didn't expect the other boy to show any interest in him... that was, until he found himself cornered by the other boy in the locker room after school.

Wind - On Bitter Wings -- G
Written as a challenge to the question "What Element would you be?"
Banished to the world of humans in the middle of a filthy city, the nameless Sylph has grown bitter and corrupt.

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