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Title: Choke
Author: Merci
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Rating: NC17
Source: Hannibal
Wordcount: 1,160
Summary: Will has difficulty sleeping, and Hannibal helps in his own way.

Choke )
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Title: Brutal Memory
Author: Merci
Pairing: Skwisgaar + Toki
Rating: PG
Source: Metalocalypse
Wordcount: 1,691
Summary: The scars from his near-death experience run deep, and Skwisgaar seeks relief from the memory he doesn’t realize is plaguing him.

Brutal Memory )
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Title: Resolute
Author: Merci
Pairing: Kazuya/Lee implied
Rating: PG13
Source: Tekken
Summary: Even when Kazuya cuts through his finely-tailored armour, Lee remains strong.

Resolute )
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I'd intended to write more of these, but my mojo is fading and I only got 1.5 done for V-day. While I hammer on the other and try not to hate it, please enjoy this little bit. Body parts are FUN!

Edit: now I have 2 done! Wheee!

01 Love 02 Comfort 03 Pleasure 04 Sensuality
05 Passion 06 First Meeting 07 Touch 08 Taste
09 Confession 10 Heart 11 Eyes 12 Serenade
13 Delicate 14 Kiss 15 Moonlight 16 X

Part 1 here

Ficletts ho! )
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Title: Light in the Dark
Author: Merci
Pairing: Kazuya+Lee friendship
Rating: PG
Source: Tekken
Wordcount: 1, 206
Summary: Lee’s nightmares haunt him even as he begins his life in the Mishima compound. Kazuya understands his brother’s grief more than he realizes…

Light in the Dark )
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Title: Traditioncraft
Author: Merci
Pairing: Kazuya/Lee
Rating: PG-13
Source: Tekken
Wordcount: 1, 367
Summary: Kazuya is tired of Lee dragging him along to create a “proper” Christmas experience, but he still tags along anyways…

Traditioncraft )
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I've been trying to get my mojo back. Starting a new job and trying to wrap my head around my new responsibilities (while introducing even more work responsibilities) hasn't been easy, but I've been managing.

I decided to open up one of the many files in my hiatus folder and found a Tekken Valentines writing prompt list that I'd started I don't know how many Valentines' days ago. I decided to try finishing it.

The following is the result.

These are not completely edited to my satisfaction, but I'll get to that at a later date. I wanted to get these posted for today, so... enjoy!
05Passion06First Meeting07Touch08Taste

Part 2 here

Cut for un-edited ficletts and not-so-ficletts )

My favourite is First Meeting, followed by Serenade. Lol, I just like stuff where I can play with it and have more fun. Anyways, I want to come back and edit these and clean them up (make them read more smoothly). Please forgive any inconsistencies or errors.
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Title: Strange Bedfellows
Chapter: 01 : The Morning After
Previous: this story is an unofficial sequel, making references, to DethMelons. Reading this story is not required, but recommended for those with soft spots for crack.
Author: Merci
Pairing: Knubbler/Charles
Rating: PG13
Source: Metalocalypse
Wordcount: 1, 757
Summary: Charles wakes up with a hangover, a gap in his memory, and Knubbler curled up beside him. He tries to go about his day as normal, but he can’t shake the errant question of what happened between them the previous night, and if it bears repeating.

Chapter 01 : The Morning After )
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Title: Seeing Red
Author: Merci
For: [livejournal.com profile] naitachal666
Pairing: Badou/Haine (very, very subtle)
Rating: PG
Source: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
Wordcount: 2,607
Summary: Haine’s roped into playing Santa in his first-ever Christmas experience, but he doesn’t anticipate the feelings that arise when he reflects on his last Christmases.

Seeing Red )
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Title: Like Clockwork
Author: Merci
Pairing: Haine/Badou implied (blink and you’ll miss it)
Rating: PG13
Source: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
Wordcount: 2,698
Summary: Haine and Badou get called out on a job together. Things proceed as they usually do.

Like Clockwork )


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