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Name:Merci's fics
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Merci's Writing Journal

- Fanfiction is open for any visitors to see. Feel free to friend this journal to get updates.
- Original writing is friendslocked. Please ask if you'd like to see. I keep this private after a few incidents of plagiarism.

My name is Merci. My regular journal is nosferatu_blue and THIS journal was created to archive all my writing. I am heavily influenced by science fiction and fantasy. Quite a bit of the things I write about deal with homosexuality, either as a secondary focal point to a larger plot, or as the central focus in some plotless (PWP) tales. I don't gloss many issues over and romantic and/or sexual situations are taken on full-tilt with very detailed descriptions. I make good use of tags to make this journal easily searchable. I also use warnings where appropriate to help readers avoid things they do not want to read.


- The characters in fanfiction do not belong to me, although the stories themselves do.
- Any original fiction is 100% my creation and any resemblance to any other stories/persons/events/etc. is purely coincidental.
- Yaoi/Slash means gay, homosexual, or any other term used for male love.
- This journal will occasionally contain stories of an adult nature. These have the Explicit Material filter placed on them and viewers will need to be 18+ and have their birth year entered in their journal profile.
- I can also be found on Archive of Our Own.
- Thank you to layout_lounge for the lovely layout.

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angel!hwoarang/devil!jin, angst, anime, badou, bishop, bishop/badou, bleach, bleach yaoi, crackfic, daydreams, dogs yaoi, dogs: bullets & carnage, dogs: bullets&carnage yaoi, drabbles, fanfiction, fantasy, fights, fluff, gel pens, giovanni/badou, gogandantess/kotaro, grimmjaw/hichigo/ichigo, haine, haine/badou, hichigo/grimmjaw, hiko/kenshin, horror, humour, hwoarang=jin, ikkaku/yumichika, kenpachi, kurotsuchi mayuri, lance/pietro, lance/todd, lee/kazuya, lxg slash, magoichi/kotaro, matrix slash, matrix twins, metalocalypse, metalocalypse slash, multi-chaptered stories, music, my betas <3, nathan/pickles, norrington/gillette, notebooks, onimusha yaoi, original fiction, parodies, pickles the drummer, potc slash, pwp, resident evil, resident evil yaoi, rurouni kenshin yaoi, sano/katsu, sci-fi, skwisgaar/toki, slash, techno-prosthesis, tekken, tekken yaoi, toki wartooth, twin/smith/twin, ust, vampires, videogame slash, wesker/chris, writing, x-men evolution, x-men evolution slash, y!gallery, yakushima, yaoi, zombies
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