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Title: Light
Author: Merci
For: [livejournal.com profile] devilsbackbone
Pairing: Adra/Oz
Rating: PG
Source: Devilsbackbone’s original characters
Wordcount: 2, 338
Summary: Adra and Oz spend a winter evening together visiting the festival of lights.

Light )
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Title: King’s-Eye-View
Author: Merci
Rating: G
Source: Original
Wordcount: 538
Summary: Bird King is charged with keeping the peace in the forest. Sometimes, it’s easier to speak to his subjects directly, rather than soar above them.

King’s-Eye-View )
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Title: Butterflies & Ice Cream
Author: Merci
For: tait
Pairing: Gabriel/Ashton
Rating: G
Source: Original story. Same universe as my story “Between Us and the Sky”
Wordcount: 1,059
Summary: Ashton’s theatrical debut is wrought with stage fright and anxiety. Gabriel offers some encouragement.

Butterflies & Ice Cream )
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Title: Stars Like Snow
Author: Merci
Rating: NC17
Status: Complete
Wordcount: 22,206
Feedback: Yes please. I would love to hear if you enjoy this or if you have any thoughts. It's not often that I finish a major, original project.

Summary: Riian's purpose in life was to cause death in his service to the Evergraves family empire. Their enemies were his targets, and he killed without regret, until one mistake cost him his life. Now, as a newly born clone, Riian is still their assassin, but must regain their trust after his predecessor’s failure. When a rival assassin targets the family holdings, Riian rushes out to meet him. The thought of proving himself fuels his ambition, even as fragmented memories of his past tempt him with the truth of how he died. His enemy holds the missing pieces to the puzzle, and Riian is faced with a terrible decision; making the same mistake twice or betray what he knows is right.

Stars Like Snow - Index )
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Title:  Dance of Seduction
Author: Merci
Rating:  PG13
Source:  Original
Wordcount:  696
Summary:  The bird shows its colours to attract a mate, pulling the raven from the crowd to set its talons upon its prey.

Dance of Seduction )
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Title:  Between Us and the Sky
Author: Merci
For:  Tait
Pairing:  Gabriel/Ashton
Rating:  PG
Source:  Original
Wordcount:  1,705
Summary:  Ashton has always admired Gabriel for his fearless demeanour, especially considering the many worries he experienced on a daily basis.  Then an innocent trip to a funfair forced Ashton to consider some of his many anxieties, and Gabriel to reveal one of his (possibly only) fears.

Between Us and the Sky )
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Title: Wind - On Bitter Wings
Author: Merci
Rating: G
Status: Complete (Unless I elaborate on my unnamed Sylph)
Source: Original
Summary: Banished to the world of humans in the middle of a filthy city, the nameless Sylph has grown bitter and corrupt.

Wind - On Bitter Wings  )


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