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Title: Tears in Rain
Author: Merci
Source: Tekken
Characters: Lili, Combot, Sebastien
Wordcount: 7,318

Written a submission to the Tekken Fight Night fanwork anthology. The volumes have now been mailed out and I have permission to post this publicly. Please check out the Fight Night tumblr to see some of the other great artists and authors who created original works for this book. It was very fun to write about characters that I've never touched before, and to get into their heads for a while.

Tears in Rain )
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Title: Out Comes the (d)Evil
Author: Merci
Source: Tekken
Warnings: References to fake blood and gore. Really, this is a pretty tame Halloween story.
Characters: Hwoarang, Devil Jin, Jin, Xiaoyu
Summary: Hwoarang takes a job in a haunted house, but it's just a paycheque. It takes a special person to teach him the true meaning of the season.

Out Comes the (d)Evil )
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Title: Come Into My Little World
Author: Merci
Characters: Nova, Cloud, Ririn, Chad, Urahara
Pairing: Chad/Nova hints
Rating: G
Source: Bleach
Wordcount: 3, 530
Summary: Orihime and Chad are enjoying a tea party during their capture by the mod-souls. Nova’s experience in the museum stirs some self-doubt.

Come Into My Little World )
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Title:  Making Allies
Author: Merci
For:  Ered
Characters:  Medicine Seller, Urahara
Rating:  G
Source:  Bleach and the Mononoke anime
Wordcount:  928
Summary:  The medicine seller has travelled far, finding a welcoming shopkeeper with some inside knowledge into setting restless spirits to rest.

Making Allies )
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Title: All that Glitters
Author: Merci
Pairing: Pintel/Ragetti
Rating: PG-13
Status:  Complete
Source:  Pirates of the Caribbean
Summary:  Before joining Jack Sparrow's crew, Pintel served on the Disgraceful Knave.  When the ship's Captain decides to bury treasure on an island reputed to be populated with bird demons, Pintel becomes lost in the jungle and rescued by a strange creature that looks more bird man than bird demon.

All that Glitters )


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